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I wanted to write a little bit about how the last few weeks have been going and kinda of give an update on the blog. People might think it my blog just died out  sador I’ve lost interest in it which is far from the truth adore. The blog is my little culinary portfolio and it’s in my thoughts everyday heart, in a little corner of my mind. I miss creating content for it and having the freedom to fill it with recipes and photos they way I want them. My blog feels like the only creative aspect of my life that I’m able to muster up, since I have no other kind of artsy incline laugh.

Nutella Chocolate Layer Cake
Nutella Chocolate Cake

Since March I’ve been contributing with weekly recipes for a Romanian food blog nice(this might be news for you or not), so all my blogging time goes into that. I haven’t thought before of the freedom I had with my own content until I got to write for someone else. It has been a terrific experience shy to add to my blogging and culinary resume, there’s no denying it. And it taught me a bit of discipline and I proved my self that I am able to provide regular content lookdown. But it also came with a list of someone’s blogging preferences and constraints boring. Even when I do get to sit down and write something for the Bunny, I never get to finish it.  It never goes past the draft stage sad.
I can hardly wait for the time when I’ll reclaim my blogging time nice, I’m counting the days and wishing time would pass faster.

FoodieWinter hasn’t helped either with my blogging frustrations. HA! It’s middle of autumn and this cold translates to me as winter blues already angry. While some are thrilled over pumpkins, hot chocolates and sweatersboring, I started October with the winter depression. Suddenly, I could no longer wake up early for work, I was starting my day already grumpy and had no energy. But I blamed it on the broken heater cause once we fixed that and our flat was overwhelmed with heat I miraculously felt cheerfuller again. I also made a batch of humongous peanut butter chocolate chips cookies  giggle so that helped. However, I made them shamefully big laughso I didn’t take any pictures. Hey…I was too lazy and too eager so make 30 cookies when I could make 15. I call it time managementlaugh …efficiency lookdown!

Hibiscus Cream Cake

Ummm…I also got promoted at work recently….yeeeyvictoryshy. During the summer I worked my butt off to finish my projects and make sure I got that promotion. And now…well, I have to keep the same working standards. It can drain me out sometimes mentally sleepy, but I’ve got my relaxation methods….like re-watching FRIENDS for the millionth time nicelookdown. And even if I do have my own personal ambitions, I believe in good work ethics, being responsible and reliable and doing a good job no matter what. I believe it builds your professional reputation. You never know when you might encounter your managers or colleagues in a different setting. It might help if they perceive you as professional and trustworthysmile. I fully comprehend the difficulty of working day after day envisioning your dream job, but think of this: if you can do well at a meh job, imagine how awesome you’ll be at your dream job hero.

There’s more things I have to tell you about but maybe on the next  post   giggle?! Until then you can check out my weekly recipes here adorehi.

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  1. Congrats for your promotiooooon!!!! I am super happy for you!! Big hugs and keep on being awesome!

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